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Safe COVID-19 travel, less waiting and always direct flights

Individualised travel needs

HeliOIS meet the highly individualised travel needs of companies and their staff through tailored and personalised service.

Booking or sharing an aircraft or helicopter in a tailored solutions and exceptional service ensures maximum return on your travel investment.
Our travel services are managed and delivered by highly experienced teams of Travel Consultants.

HeliOIS offer a full-service travel management, specializing in managing the corporate travel needs of companies on a local, regional or global level which requires central control and local knowledge.

With a global reach and local expertise, HeliOIS travel Management, specialises in managing the diverse and changing travel needs of the companies staff locally, regionally and globally. We manage corporate travel for you with maximum efficiency, savings and personalised service and collecting all information’s in one app.

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With a personal login, you get access to your private profile where your personal information, PPE size and certificates are stored, such as HUET, BOSIET, GWO and Health certificate
HeliOIS Logistic App is supported 24/7/365.

Blade Inspection

Fuel Station Inspection

Helibasket Inspection

Supplier Evaluation 

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Let’s help you organising your travels for your company.